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If you have a crisis and need to speak to someone the Drop in Service may be for you. 

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Money, mental health and relationships - a toxic trio
7th July 2017

At any time, roughly 1 in 4 of us will be experiencing a mental health problem. This can have a huge impact on day to day life. Feelings of...

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To find out more use the questions and answers given here. Alternatively, contact our Appointment Team on 01634 380038. They will listen to your needs, explain how our services operate and answer any questions that you may have before discussing any options that may be available.

Do I have to be married?

No. Relate Medway & North Kent provides relationship counselling to anyone, whether or not they are married, currently in a committed relationship, or on their own and whatever their age, race, gender, personal beliefs, sexual orientation or social background.

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Do I have to come with my partner?

No. Whilst working with both people in the relationship may be better, counselling can be as effective with just one person attending. It can help you to look at things from a different perspective and help you to decide what you can change.

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Will I be told what to do?

Not at all. Your counsellor's positive interventions can make a real difference in helping you to sort out your issues, by enabling you to look at the difficulties and possible solutions in detail and from different angles so that you can decide what changes you can and want to make.

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Will you want us to stay together?

Relate aim to help you to reach the goals you have. It is a myth that Relate will "make you stay together". We help people make their own decisions and plan their own future. By listening to clients and being objective the counsellor will help you find your own answers. Whether you want to work towards a closer couple relationship or to separate and remain on amicable terms, Relate Counsellor's will aim to help you reach your desired outcome.

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How long will I have to wait?

We try to see you within 2 weeks from your initial call, although certain services are highly in demand and a longer wait may arise. We also run a Drop-In service, for which you do not need an appointment to help you to deal with a current crisis.

If you decide that you want to request regular counselling, the waiting time depends, to some extend, on your flexibility in terms of travelling and time. However, it is most important to act early if you are worried about your relationship, rather than put off action until it may be "too late".

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How much does counselling cost?

We ask those using our services to meet the cost of those services. For Relationship Counselling and for Psychosexual Therapy this is 49 for each hour of the Counsellor's time, this reduces to 39 during the day . As a Charity, Relate North Kent may be able to offer financial assistance, through reducing the cost of sessions, for people in receipt of certain benefits. This may reduce the cost for each session attended, although this is at our discretion and may be for a limited series of appointments only.

  • The Drop In services is provided free. A donation, if offered, would be gratefully received!
  • Relate Medway and North Kent is currently offering initial sessions at 49 and with a 10% discount for regular counselling sessions, reducing the regular counselling cost to 45
  • Further discounts may be available to those in receipt of certain benefits - please discuss your needs with the appointment team

To find out more or to discuss your needs, contact the Appointment Team.

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Can you help me?

If you have a relationship problem then Relate may be able to help you to work through the issues. We believe that addressing your concerns early offers the best opportunity to resolve those concerns effectively. Don't put off contacting us early if you have a concern with your relationship.

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If you have a question about our services that has not been answered above, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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